♠ About me

About me

Strategy consultant

My job is to advise clients. This to me means having to possess the specific skills necessary for each and every stage of the digital project as a whole:
♦ Technical specifications of various new media applications (iPad, iPhone, Androïd, ordinateurs, etc.)
The choice of media depends on what the client’s requirements are in terms of how he wishes to promote his brand.
♦ Ergonomic and functional aspects of the web site
♦ SEO (Semantic & natural referencing, add words, etc.)
♦ CMS (Drupal, Ez Publish, Wordpress)
♦ Language code (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Php)
♦ Design software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premiere, etc.)
♦ Essential Social media sites (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Foursquare, Pinterest)
Your company will benefit from my knowledge and experience in all these areas.

Competitive analysis

I analyse the competition from the same sector with the emphasis on digital marketing; furthermore, I apply specific appraisal of the different media employed by your company’s competitors using the Benchmarking process. This study establishes both the best current means of promotion as well as how to avoid certain pitfalls.
A “competitive strategy” is devised from these surveys.

Online community management

I single out the prime target audience for my client’s brand. After this, I devise a full marketing strategy that involves affiliating the site with the most pertinent of the social media sites.
Furthermore, I organise and enhance the correlation between these community sites.

Customer analysis

I regularly provide a metrics chart which shows how your brand evolves in terms of its web and social media ranking. This allows the client to judge the impact of our collaboration for him self with regard to using the best form of promotion. One of the main aims of this analysis is to optimize the Internet key word search ranking.

Establishing the budget

This aspect is very complex and requires an overall knowledge of every aspect of the project’s development costs (mobile applications, web site, etc.). It is therefore essential to establish a cost effective estimate in advance; furnishing the client with a detailed account of all the costs and resources incurred. I guarantee that the site is always within the pre-established budget.


I have often provided guidelines; explaining the specific digital development to our out-sourcing teams. I have frequently provided a written specification of the brief to outside agencies on behalf of the client. I am perfectly at ease with employing this same managerial approach for your own project.

Internal & External Management

I am used to managing the technical and creative teams in order that my client’s projects are launched within the designated time frame. Being a manager is my forte in that I know how to harness the team by motivating them and using a constructive dialogue. The aim is to meet all the client’s requirements to the best of my abilities.